Best Auction Places For Cheap Salvage Vehicles

Cheap Salvage Vehicles

Salvage auctions are a terrific way to find used cars at low prices Cheap Salvage Vehicles. These auctions allow buyers to bid on vehicles that were previously damaged, totaled by insurance claims, or otherwise deemed not economically repairable.

While the vehicles sold through salvage auctions have issues requiring repairs, with mechanical skills and know-how, it is possible to acquire them for a fraction of their normal value.

This long article will explore some of the top salvage auction websites and physical venues to check out salvage cars and hopefully drive home an affordable vehicle with potential.

IAAI Auctions – Cheap Salvage Vehicles

One of the largest auctioneers of salvage vehicles in the United States is IAAI, which stands for the Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. IAAI hosts both online and live auctions across the country through regional brands like Adesa, Insurance Auto Auctions, and AUTOxchange.

On their website,, buyers can view photos and vehicle details for upcoming auctions to find salvage cars for sale. At physical IAAI auction sites, buyers can inspect vehicles before placing bids. IAAI auctions offer a broad selection of makes and models to choose from.

Copart Auctions

Another massive player in the salvage vehicle auction business is Copart. Similar to IAAI, Copart hosts both online bidding through their website as well as live auctions located throughout the US and abroad. Copart boasts an immense daily vehicle inventory with filters to search by location, make, model, and vehicle condition.

Buyers can preview salvage cars on the lot days before an auction. Both registered dealers and individual buyers are welcome to participate in Copart auctions to try and take home a cheap project car.

Smaller Regional Auction Houses

While the giants like IAAI and Copart dominate much of the salvage auction sphere, numerous smaller auction houses catering to specific geographic regions also exist. Conducting an online search for terms like “auto auctions near me” can reveal local auctioneers selling wrecked or totaled vehicles.

Regional auction houses tend to host live-only sales with fewer vehicles but potentially less competition than the nationwide corporations. Supporting smaller local businesses is worthwhile for seeking their selection of salvage autos.

Traditional Used Car Dealerships

Even standard used car lots obtain some of their inventory through salvage auctions. By checking with independantly owned pre-owned dealers rather than large franchised ones, salvage titled cars may be present on their lots.

Dealerships able to acquire auction salvage vehicles cheaply can repair them enough to earn a profit upon resell. Individuals working diligently could negotiate fair prices for these lightly refurbished ex-wrecked autos at small dealers.

Dedicated Salvage Vehicle Websites

Several salvage car retailers operate exclusively online, akin to digital versions of a salvage yard. Websites such as SalvageReseller allow private sellers as well as commercial vendors to list damaged vehicles.

Browsing their wide-ranging offerings could uncover hidden gems in need of recommissioning. While not technically auctions, these salvage vehicle marketplaces serve akin purposes by consolidating many wrecked automotive choices onto a single cyber sales floor for driven deals.

Physical Salvage Yards

Location Type Description
Large Commercial Yards Sizeable fenced lots resembling small junkyards packed with total losses, operated as businesses
Small Independent Yards Famiy-run or sole proprietor yards with fewer vehicles, sometimes on residential properties
Self-Service Junkyards Do-it-yourself yards where people pay entry to salvage parts themselves from wrecked vehicles

While not auctions, visiting physical salvage yards can discover real hidden gems in automotive plunder. Yards fall into large commercial enterprises, smaller independent family businesses, and self-service junkyards.

Salvage yards may facilitate private sales of vehicles they’ve acquired for motivated mechanics. With patience and some sleuthing work, remarkable finds could arise from rummaging through a vast scrap lot.

Junkyards and Salvage Yards Seek Parts Suppliers

An additional route involves selling directly to salvage yards rather than purchasing from them. Salvage operations regularly purchase totaled vehicles to disassemble for sought-after functional parts to resell.

By informally contacting yards about vehicles people wish to dispose of due to accidents or failures, yards may pay you cash for valuable parts cars.

The money could offset disposal fees, while the yard gains more stock to profit from. It’s a mutually beneficial trade where both parties get worthwhile assets from written-off automobiles.

Searching Online Forums and Enthusiast Groups

Vehicle enthusiasts fascinated by restoration project cars sometimes come upon economical salvage vehicle opportunities.

Scouring internet forums and Facebook groups focused on makes and models can reveal occasions when individuals rebuild total losses and private owners seek to rehome incompletely restored wrecks.

These findings obtained through virtual word-of-mouth among aficionados could lead to interesting discounted cars to finish and enjoy.

Cheap Salvage Vehicles – Parting Words:

With diligence and adaptability, salvage auctions, yards, and less expected venues offer means to acquire vehicles wiith flaws at affordable prices.

Though requiring labor, love, and mechanical acumen, the chances to rescue totaled autos cheaply and bring them back to the road is well worth persistent pursuit through the many disposal channels detailed here.

With a little luck and effort, a future drivable transportation bargain may be discovered from another person or business’s loss.