Can Military Ship 2 Vehicles For A Soldier’s PCS Move?

Military Ship 2 Vehicles

The military frequently requires service members to relocate as part of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move to another duty location. This can involve packing up one’s entire household and transporting belongings across the country or even overseas. When it comes to vehicles, things get a bit more complicated – here’s everything you need to know about shipping multiple vehicles with your PCS move.

What Are the Standard Vehicle Shipping Rules?

The standard military policy allows active duty service members to ship one privately owned vehicle (POV) at government expense as part of their PCS move. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and other towable recreational vehicles.

The vehicle must be registered in the service member’s name or their spouse/dependent’s name. It also needs to reasonably fit within standard transit dimensions and weight limits to travel by car carrier or cargo ship depending on the distance.

Can Exceptions Be Made to Ship Two Vehicles?

While shipping a single vehicle is generally authorized, there are some limited circumstances where a waiver may be approved to transport two POVs for CONUS moves only:

Spouse has a job at new duty station

If the service member’s spouse has secured employment at their destination and needs reliable transportation, a second vehicle may be shipped.

Overseas assignment with family

Families relocating overseas where right-hand drive vehicles are the norm can ship two left-hand drive vehicles for safety reasons.

Medical necessity

If a family member has a medical condition requiring a specially equipped or accessible vehicle, shipping a second vehicle could be permitted.

Extenuating circumstances

On a case-by-case basis, commands have discretion to approve waivers due to things like large family size, dual military couples, or other unique life situations.

Outside of these special allowances though, Uncle Sam generally only foots the bill for one set of wheels per service member.

What Are the Steps to Request a Waiver?

If a soldier believes their circumstances warrant shipping two vehicles, the first step is discussing it with their chain of command. They’ll need to provide solid justification and any supporting documentation of why this exception should be made.

Next, the command will review the request and either endorse or deny approving a waiver. Endorsed waiver requests are then forwarded up to the Installation Transportation Office (ITO) or Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO) for a final decision.

It’s important to start this process early, at least 60-90 days before the planned move date. Waivers can take time to work through the approval pipeline, and moving plans may need adjustment if denied. Having a compelling case greatly increases the chances for success.

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How Much Will Shipping Two Vehicles Cost?

The standard allowance only covers shipping costs for one POV. Approving a second vehicle means the service member takes on additional out-of-pocket expenses that won’t be reimbursed.

Rough estimates for vehicle shipping rates include:

  • CONUS move within 750 miles: $1,000-$2,000 for a second car/truck.
  • CONUS move over 750 miles: $2,000+ for a cross-country second vehicle shipment.
  • OCONUS move to Europe/Asia: $4,000-$6,000 ballpark for shipping two vehicles overseas.
  • OCONUS move to Middle East/Africa/Latin America: $6,000+ for a second international vehicle move.

Higher mileage, larger vehicles, specialty transport, and overseas shipping all drive costs up significantly. The soldier is on the hook for any excess fees. Comprehensive insurance is also strongly advised, especially for overseas relocations.

Other Considerations When Shipping Two Vehicles

A few additional factors to be aware of if approved to transport two POVs include:

  • Weight allowances: Make sure both vehicles can legally travel within weight limits for transport by road and sea based on distance and mode of shipment.
  • Timeline: It may take longer to schedule, process, and coordinate shipping two vehicles versus one. Moves should be planned further in advance.
  • Storage: Temporary vehicle storage may be needed if deliveries aren’t simultaneous. Costs are out-of-pocket if vehicles arrive at different times.
  • Limited entitlement: Approval to ship two is only valid for one PCS move. It doesn’t establish a recurring privilege for future relocations.

Being fully informed of added responsibilities, costs, and logistics challenges is crucial before committing to privately fund transporting two vehicles with a permanent change of station. Careful consideration is warranted.

Military Travel Regulations and Worksheet Data

Military Travel Regulations and Worksheet Data

Military Travel Regulations and Worksheet Data are essential components in ensuring the efficient management of military travel expenses. These regulations outline specific guidelines for reimbursement, per diem rates, transportation allowances, and lodging accommodations for service members on official duty travel.

The worksheet data provides a structured format for travelers to itemize their expenses accurately and calculate their total claim amount. By adhering to these regulations and meticulously recording all necessary data on the worksheet. Military personnel can streamline the reimbursement process and prevent any discrepancies or delays in receiving funds.

Overall, Military Travel Regulations and Worksheet Data serve as valuable tools in maintaining accountability and transparency within military financial operations. While, supporting servicemen and women during their travels for duty-related purposes.

Final Thoughts

While the military typically only pays for one vehicle shipment per service member PCS move, rare exemptions can be sought for qualifying circumstances. However, it’s important to understand additional expenses and responsibilities involved.

With early planning and strong justification presented to the chain of command, requests have a chance of succeeding. But there are no guarantees, so alternative transportation options may need exploring as a backup plan. Keeping realistic expectations is wise. With proper diligence though, shipping two POVs could potentially work out for some special situations.

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