Driving Your Car or Using a Professional Transportation Service – Which is Best?

Professional Transportation Service

Whether you are relocating to another city or state, going on an extended vacation, or need to transport your vehicle for repairs, you will likely need to get your car from point A to point B Professional Transportation Service.

You have two main options – driving it yourself or hiring a professional auto transport company. In this article, we will explore the key differences between these two methods and help you determine which choice may be best for your specific moving needs.

Driving Your Car Yourself

Loading up your car and taking a road trip yourself is certainly the more economical choice, with no fees to pay besides fuel and incidental costs like food and lodging. However, it does come with some drawbacks:

  • You must factor in your time – driving cross-country could easily take several days each way versus a transport company doing it in a single day.
  • You are responsible for any issues along the way like car trouble, traffic delays, weather problems, etc. Professional carriers are fully insured for any transportation mishaps.
  • Driving long distances can be tiring. You run the risk of accidents from driver fatigue.
  • You cannot work while transporting your vehicle. Hiring transport allows you to be productive during the move.

So self-driving is best if the distance is relatively short, you have the time available without disrupting work or other responsibilities, and don’t mind taking on the sole responsibility for getting your vehicle safely to its destination.

Hiring a Professional Auto Transport Company

For longer moves, particularly those spanning multiple states or across the country, hiring an auto transport carrier is commonly a better choice. Here are some perks:

  • No long hours spent driving – the carrier handles everything so your vehicle arrives while you focus on other tasks.
  • Increased safety – professional drivers are specifically trained to safely secure vehicles for transport and have commercial licenses indicating proper operation of large trucks.
  • Coverage for losses – reputable transport companies fully insure your car while in their possession so you don’t risk paying for any damages from accidents or theft during transit.
  • Tracking capabilities – many provide online tracking of your vehicle’s location and estimated delivery date so you know its whereabouts.
  • Door-to-door service – carriers deliver right to your home or business rather than needing to drive long distances yourself for pickups and drop offs.

Of course, hiring transport does involve paying shipping fees, but for most people. The value of convenience, safety and assurance outweighs the costs – especially on interstate moves.

Professional Transportation Service – Other Factors to Consider

Beyond just distance, take into account your vehicle type as well. Moving specialty vehicles like large trucks, RVs, boats or other large equipment is almost always best done through professionals with the towing capability. Your schedule constraints are important too – if you absolutely need your car to arrive by a certain date without flexibility. Then paying for guaranteed delivery dates through transport may give you better piece of mind.

You’ll also want to research auto carriers thoroughly to find one with good reviews, insurance coverage you’re comfortable with. And competitive pricing for your route. Asking friends or checking online forums can help you identify well-regarded companies. When requesting estimates, be sure to disclose your vehicle accurately to find the most precise quote.

Summary – Professional Transportation Service

In general, short distances under 500 miles can often be driven yourself if time permits. Anything further than that, and transports of specialty vehicles, usually make the most logical choice to hire professional auto transporters.

Weigh the factors of time, flexibility, vehicle type, and peace of mind versus budget to determine. The best option for your particular moving needs. Consult several auto shippers if going the professional route to compare options and find the right fit. With a little research, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on. The most suitable method of relocating your vehicle.